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Princess Pea
Background Information
Birth Name: Pea
Age: 16-18
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother †
  • Friends: Despereaux
    Portrayed by: Emma Watson (voice only)

    Princess Pea is a character voiced by Emma Watson for her film The Tale of Despereaux.


    Pea is a sharp-eyed and beautiful girl whom Despereaux grows to honor and love upon their first meeting and she also comes to adore the mouse. Though kind-hearted and loved by the people of the castle, Pea is often overcome with loneliness after her mother's death. Because of her title as a princess, Pea is not used to being told what to do and sometimes takes slight offense when someone does not appreciate her for her title. However, when her past actions cause her kidnapping, Pea comes to use her forgiveness, good nature, and place as royalty for the good of the other characters.